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Growth in good times. Protection in bad times

Enjoy Crypto Gains with Minimized Risks.

Peace of mind for those with little time or expertise.

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The all-in-one investment platform

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Trading or Hodling?

How do you manage your cryptos? Are you a hodler? Convenient because you don’t have to spend time managing your portfolio. Unfortunately, hodling is no guarantee for success. If the cryptos go down, so goes your value.

Trading in cryptos also involves risks. 90% of people who start trading cryptos lose money in the long run. Here are a few reasons:

  • lack of knowledge
  • not a good plan
  • emotionally driven decisions
  • not available 24/7

Crypto markets never sleep, but how do you get the most out of them?

Leave it to the robots

That is why Diamond Pigs has developed trading bots. They look at the most successful trading strategies 24/7. The best ones we apply to your cryptos.

This is fundamentally different from what other crypto bots do. Most are passive and need to improve in responding to significant price fluctuations.

Our bots ensure that your cryptos temporarily go to euros in the event of sharp drops. As soon as the prices start to rise again, they will step back into cryptos.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Act like a pro without doing anything

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And discover for yourself what the result could have been for you today

As a Bitvavo customer, you can now easily benefit from our automated strategies. Without any risk because the cryptos remain in your wallet. And you can stop whenever you want.

We ask for a small part of the profit you make. This way, we only earn if you benefit.

Test our strategies in demo mode. Choose your entry point and amount to see how our robots trade.